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Beyblade Seishin was originally called Beyblade Spirit, and built around the name, hence the "The Spirit of the Blader" motto. However, just before BBS went live, I discovered that there were already three or four sites called Beyblade Spirit, so I grabbed my dictionary. The name "Beyblade Seishin" was chosen because it has exactly the same meaning (so I didn't have to change the motto) and the same initials (so I didn't have to make new link buttons). That's why we still have the http://www.bbspirit.tk/ domain name; I thought it was easier to keep it as that, because it still has the same meaning.

Beyblade Seishin first went live on Sunday November 9, 2003, with a few content pages. It's been easy to get a few hits, because we link in to Patamon's World, my main site and a popular Digimon site. *blinks* And now, over a year later (November 20, 2004), we move to a new server (thanks Shawn!), with a new domain name (thanks Greggyboo!), ready for new things. Are we gonna go for it? You betcha. *winks* Keep on visiting for your chance to create the next stage of BBS history. XD

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