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If you would like to affiliate with BBS, you can be a top affiliate or an affiliate.

Top affiliates must meet the following criteria:

1. Your site must be Beyblade or Anime related.

2. You must update your site frequently (once a week or more). (This requirement can be waived in the case of sites containing a lot of information.)

3. Your site has to be more than just media or just a shrine, and it must have a decent amount of information (this is at our discretion).

4. Your site can't take too long to load - not too much Flash or DHTML. (If you don't know what DHTML is, you're probably not using it.)

5. Your site must not have more than one popup.

6. Your site must be kid-friendly, so no strong language, porn or hentai.

7. No "hate" sites.

8. Your affiliate scheme must be a "button on every page" scheme. If it's a "button/link on one page only" scheme, check out the Link Exchange.

9. You can't have too many broken links. A couple is OK, but not a whole heap.

Normal affiliates must fit criteria 1, 6, 7, 8 and 9, and you must have a decent amount of information and update at least once a fortnight.

If you think your site fits the criteria, email me at amara@patamon.tk and I will get back to you.

You'll need a link button of 88x31 pixels if we accept your application. If you don't have one, I can make you a button, just send your details.

You can also be a forum affiliate. If you want to affiliate with the forums, you should either meet the criteria above (for BBS affiliation) or have a Beyblade or Anime related forum. We will take forum-forum or site-forum affiliates. (The site-forum affiliation is good if you don't have or want your own forum.)


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