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Here's a G-Revolution image gallery. Click on the description to see the pic! (opens in new window)


Daichi clutching Tyson's leg

Now it's Kenny doing the clutching, and Ray and Max don't look too pleased

Ray and Max look a bit dejected...

That's Ray's back... could that possibly be Kai's brother there? Oh, it's just Shippu no Jin...

Wow, Judy let her hair grow! Max looks pretty small...

What happened to Kai's face?

Ray with a floating Yoda bald guy... OK, so he's not floating.

Kenny still has no eyes

What's a grandma doing with a Beyblade?

Is that a backflip? Kai seems interested...

Ah, Shippu no Jin, stop beating up poor little Tyson

Splitscreen! It's an All-Star against a white-haired ponytail...

Ray and Lee's evil grin

Kenny's fully kitted out for an adventure!

Run from the flames!

Um... is that Daichi's sock?

The ponytailed guy again!

Ray and Lee again

Tyson and Daichi vs. Ray and Lee

Lovely up-shot you've got there

Tyson vs. some other guy (huge file, takes a while to load)

More new Bladers!

Ray looks mad

Kai vs. the other guy

Kenny's blading!


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