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A third and final season three, a great end to the Beyblade anime. This time around there are a few changes: Daichi is back from the movie and boy, is he mad. Allost throughout the whole season he wants a rematch with Tyson/Takao after his upsetting loss in the movie. Instead he is made a member of team BBA Revolution, the new Japanese team. Just as the third Beyblade World Championship is starting up, some news arrives from the BBA. It turns out that the former world championship team can no longer blade together - they must each join another team, so Max goes to America, Rei/Ray to China, and Kai leaves to Russia. Kenny and Takao are the only two along with Daichi to stay on team BBA Revolution. Since Kai is now gone Tyson is made leader of team BBA Revolution. Just as things seem to start to go Tyson's way, a new foe appears, and he is taking people's Bitbeasts!

What new battles await our heroes? Who is this new enemy? Why were these new rules put in place? Has a enemy so great from the past returned that he may change the world of Beyblading forever? Sit tight and don't let go of your seat! This may be the final season of Beyblade, but this dog is not just going to lay down and play dead. The final season promises great new challenges, new battles, and maybe a new romance. Stay tuned for the final season of Beyblade!

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