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BBS currently has several openings for staff members. These include:

  • News updater - you should be able to find Beyblade / Anime related news and post it on this site (you will be supplied with a login)
  • Newsletter article writer - you should be able to write short articles for the newsletter (for this job, you can send in an article at any time - you do not have to become a staff member)
  • Opinion article writer - you should be able to write articulate arguments about issues in the world of Beyblade - eg. is Beyblade a copy of monster-raising Animes etc.
  • Episode guide writer - you must be prepared to write full summaries of Beyblade episodes (at least 300 words each)
  • Reviewer - you need to review things like blades, launchers etc and give them ratings out of 10

If you are interested in one of these positions, or wish to suggest your own position, please email amara@patamon.tk.

Current Staff

Jedi_Amara - Webmaster

Anna - News updater, blade reviews

blue - General content, blading strategy

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