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Fan Art

BBS needs your fanart! Please send it in to amara@patamon.tk, but please read the rules first. Please note that we will not modify your art, except for possible resizing.

1. All work must be completely your own, original, etc. ie. you can't just grab someone else's fanart and try to pass it off as your own. However, you can use screenshots or other pictures as reference, submit modifications/recolours of official Beyblade pictures or create a montage.

2. All fan art must be attached to the email in the form of a JPG, GIF, or PNG document. Art submitted in BMP or TIF format will not be posted. If the file is large, please zip it first.

3. No hentai, porn, etc.

4. Art must be Anime related. It doesn't just have to be Beyblade.

5. In your email, please include:

  • Your name / nickname

  • Whether you want your email address to be made public

  • The title of your artwork

  • A rating for your artwork (G, G8+ and PG only)


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