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This is a Bitbeast Index, where you can look up information on each bitbeast and see a picture. Bitbeasts are listed in order of team. For more information, click on the name of the bitbeast.

Bitbeast Name Blader Team
Dragoon Tyson Bladebreakers
Draciel Max Bladebreakers
Driger Ray Bladebreakers
Dranzer Kai Bladebreakers
Dizzari "Dizzi" Kenny Bladebreakers
Galux Mariah White Tigers
Galeon Lee White Tigers
Galmon Kevin White Tigers
Galzzy Gary White Tigers
Sarcopholon Cenotaph --
Trygle   All-Starz
Trypio   All-Starz
Trygator   All-Starz
Unicolyon Oliver Majestics
Amphilyon Enrique Majestics
Salamalyon Johnny Majestics
Griffolyon Robert Majestics
Black Dranzer Kai Demolition Boys
Seaborg Spencer Demolition Boys
  Bryan Demolition Boys
  Tala Demolition Boys
  Ian Demolition Boys
Flash Leopard Ozuma Safeshields
  Myriam Safeshields
Vortex Ape Dunga Safeshields
  Joseph Safeshields
Cyber Dragoon Kane Team Psychic
Cyber Draciel Jim Team Psychic
Cyber Dranzer Goki Team Psychic
Cyber Driger Selima Team Psychic
  Foxy Team Psychic
  Net Team Psychic
  Jack Team Psychic

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