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BBS needs your fanfics! Please send them in to amara@patamon.tk, but please read the rules first.
Title Chapter Rating
fanfics by rallen
Beyblade Spirit Chapter 1: The Sacred Parts G

1. All work must be completely your own, original, etc.

2. All fanfics must be attached to the email in the form of a TXT, RTF, HTM or HTML document. Do not include the fanfic in the body of the email.

3. Check all grammar, spelling, etc. before you send in your fanfics. BBS will not edit your fanfics for you, even if you ask nicely.

4. All fanfics must be Anime related. It doesn't just have to be Beyblade.

5. In your email, please include:

  • Your name / nickname

  • Whether you want your email address to be made public

  • The title of your fanfic

  • A rating for your fanfic (G, G8+ and PG only)

6. If you are submitting your fanfic in chapters, each submission will be posted separately. We'll do them in order if you wish, but we will not cut and paste. It's easier for people to read them that way, anyway.


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