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You can support BBS in a number of ways.

Firstly, you can support us by clicking on the links under "Support Us", at the right. Every time you click on one of these links, you support BBS in a small way.

These include:

  • Mod-Chip - just by clicking, you get us a few cents
  • Sign up with Bravenet - this is free and Bravenet offers a whole heap of great services for your website like hosting, guestbooks, counters, polls and more!

  • Buy a Domain Name - this service offers very cheap domain names, and if you buy through this link you will support BBS
  • Buy a Toy - you get a toy and we get a percentage of the sale

You can also host BBS, the PW/DIP/BBS forums, BBS's topsites or the oekaki board. If you would like to host us, please email me and I will tell you what services we require.

BBS also takes donations through the mail, in Australian dollars. For more details and a mailing address, please contact ryukenx@mailworks.org.

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