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Beyblade V-Force is set directly after the first season of Beyblade. In Japan, it is also called Beyblade 2002.

summary written by Jedi_Amara

Now that the Bladebreakers have become the world champion Beybladers, they face new challenges. Max is in America with his mother, Ray's gone back to his home village for a bit, Kai's given up Beyblading and gone to a private boarding school and Tyson's developed a very big head and stopped paying attention to Kenny.

The Bladebreakers are forced to re-form, however, when each of them is challenged by a mysterious cloaked Beyblader. Who are the Safeshields, and why do they want to capture the Bladebreakers' bitbeasts with their invisible bitbeasts? Why do the scientists of Team Psychic want the bitbeasts? In short, why is everyone going after the Bladebreakers? To find out, you'll have to watch Beyblade V-Force (or just read the episode guides, when they're up ^^)!

summary written by blue

Beyblade V-Force starts out with Tyson back in school and hating it and getting into trouble and that sort of Tyson-like stuff. Kenny, aka Chief, is still there as Tyson's best buddy while Hilary, a new character in V-Force who is also Tyson's classmate, hangs around them and keeps Tyson's head in check. Max starts off in America with his mom Judy, Ray's in his hometown, and Kai's attending a private school for boys in Russia. However, the Bladebreakers all run into cloaked Bladers (the Safeshields) who seem to take great pleasure in trying to defeat them. At the same time, men in black spy on Tyson and try to think of clever ways to get his Bit Beast. Scientists who back up a secret team called Team Psychic are on a mission to capture all the Bit Beasts of the Bladebreakers. This eventually leads to a reunion between the 4 members of the Bladebreakers. This secret organization thinks of all means possible, like trapping the Bladebreakers on an abandoned island, to try and retrieve their Bit Beasts. This conspiracy continues as Doctor B, head of the scientists, who works for his boss and evil leader Gideon, who yet works for another person called Professor Zagart who is rumored to be an old acquaintance of Mr. Dickenson.  When a mysterious rock containing spirits of ancient Bit Beasts is stolen from a New York lab, things really run tight.  Even worse, a new friend of Tyson's seems to be mixed up in all this, but he's not what he seems and Parts Hunters are running around destroying blades.  Can the Bladebreakers overcome the mysterious Safehields who seem to be switching sides all the time and, more importantly, can they beat Team Psychic and their Cyber Bit Beasts and figure out what's against them before their Bit Beasts are taken away? You'll only find out by watching the show! ~_^

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