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Beyblades are battling spinning tops, and they're a huge craze all around the world. Tyson, a young Beyblader, has a dream: to become the world's best Beyblader. He's already the best in his school. Along the way, he meets two boys of about his own age: geek Kenny, and Beyblader Max, whose father runs a Beyblade shop.

Tyson enters the National Championships to test his skill. After he defeats the reigning champion, Kai, and is named the best Blader in Japan, he is invited to join the elite Bladebreakers team, the four best Bladers in Japan, along with his new friend Max. By this time, Tyson's received the bitbeast Dragoon, and Max has Draciel - powerful beasts that live inside the Beyblade spinning tops and come out to battle. He meets aloof Kai (bitbeast: Dranzer) and confident Ray (who has Driger), other members in the newly formed team, and the four Bladers (with Kenny and his bitbeast, Dizzi, who analyse battles) set off around the world, entering national championships. After defeating many teams, the Bladebreakers become world champions.

(That's a very short storyline, I know, but since I missed the second half of Beyblade you'll need to wait until they decide to show it again on free-to-air TV.)

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