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Updated by Jedi_Amara on 20 November 2004

*pokes the date below* Half a year since the last update? *winces* Well, anyway, I did add a bit, and my dad removed the dead cockroach from my video box, and I have holidays starting Tuesday, so I'll try to update more XD. (I started two more sites the other day, too. o_O) In any case, yeah, we've moved to a new server thanks to Shawn, with the domain name thanks to Greg (<3333 Greggyboo XD). And btw, I paired up with blue XD... so we kinda talk more now... anyway, I'll see what I can do with BBS. :P

G-Rev Stuff

Updated by Jedi_Amara on 22 May 2004

OK, I'll install Coranto soon, I'm looking at other servers though. We have a new staff member, blue (who I met at the PokéCommunity). He's sent me a heap of G-Rev stuff, so you can check that out on the left. Also, I've pinned Darky down to some episode summaries, so you'll see those some time XD

Update! XD

Updated by Jedi_Amara on 9 May 2004

W00t, lookit that! I actually updated! Amazing, isn't it? Well, you can see why it's been so long from part of the update, I guess - I started another website... o_O Anyway, I managed to get some other stuff going on the site too, so check that out, I'll try to update more often. *nods* XD My main problem now is that, having seen Beyblade episodes once at the most (as opposed to Pokémon and Digimon, some of which I've already seen 3 or 4 times), and not for several months, I can't remember anything about it... I guess I'll have to wait until June and dig out my tapes, providing there are no dead cockroaches in my video box XD Anyway, check out rallen's new fanfic! Signing off for now...

New Partner

Updated by Jedi_Amara on 1 January 2004

Hm, I made yet another website. It's an avatars site that you can hotlink from. So you can check it out under "Partners" on the right there. It has Beyblade avatars. Happy New Year, by the way... I'm working on the Mega Tazo Topz page, but I don't even recognise half the characters... comes of getting into Beyblade so late, I guess.

Another Tazo Pic

Updated by Jedi_Amara on 29 December 2003

Yeah, yeah, I know, long time since last update. I was busy with PW. Anyway, while tidying my room (something I rarely do), I came across another Tazo Top so I have added number 37 to the list. However, the pic isn't great because I had to use our webcam to take it (the webcam doesn't have very good quality). I'm hoping to have Coranto installed on this server by the end of the week so I can set up news updaters. I might even bother to get the latest version of Coranto! (I'm still using version 1.02 or something). Also, I realized that I forgot to change the link to the Tazo Topz page so the old one (without pics) was still there - I fixed that. And I made a new forums link button XD. Last thing, three new blade reviews from Anna!

New Additions

Updated by Jedi_Amara on 7 December 2003

I've added pictures of all the Tazo Topz I have to that page. The picture quality isn't very good because my dad insisted he take the pictures (I'm not allowed to *touch* his digital camera) and he is not very good at it. Oh well.

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